NFT games that will change your life in 2022

NFT games that will change your life in 2022

In 2022, you need to tell a new story. Then, the question is; how can nft games changes one’s life? If you know the meaning of nft games, you will understand where I’m driving. But people who don’t see the game industry going beyond a game need to sit tight and shun all distractions right now. To be honest, one can easily discard this information if one is not ready to go through it. Therefore, my candid advice for you is to follow me closely. I am going to show you something profound and tangible to run with.

The game industry has taken a step further. In the olden days, people only play games to have fun. But now, the gaming world is moving to another level of nft games free to play. Have you heard people saying they invested in playing some games and they make a huge profit? Yes! It’s real. Now, the cloud is moving, and people are no longer doing things to catch fun alone. Do you have a smartphone? If yes, that means you’ve been wasting a lot of chances to add more money to your income. Learn more how Nft games can transform your life.

Are you striving, and you’re looking for a way out? Do you want to engage in something fun yet rewarding? Then, you need to know what nft games entail. Hence, I’ll also explain some Nft games that’ll transform your life in the twinkle of an eye. 

NFT games that will change your life in 2022

What are nft games?

For simplicity, nft means non-fungible tokens. So, nft games are video games one can play and receive nft. The nft recompense can be swapped with other users. Also, the non-fungible tokens given as a prize for playing these video games can be changed to money. That’s the motivating part. Having known what nft games entail, I need to tell you how it works.

How does nft games work? 

Nft games syndicates outdated gaming designs and non-traditional gaming devices centered on non-fungible tokens. These video games integrate non-fungible tokens in their rubrics and user interactions. Furthermore, the items one finds in-game may be non-fungible tokens that one can collect. Also, one can interchange nfts with other players with the same currency. 

However, one can also find play-to-earn nft games that permit players to earn an income by playing. I mentioned that earlier. In nft games, players are open to receiving tokens and can make more money while they play. Therefore, you’ll earn more cryptocurrency the more you play. Please note that most of these games require an upfront investment. Before one can access some of these games, one must have some money to invest. Of course, not all of them. I am trying to give you all the necessary information you need to know before you embark on that journey.

Nft games that can transform your life

  1. Axie Infinity: Have you heard about Axie Infinity? Does it sound new to your ears? There’s nothing to worry about. I am here to take you through what you need to know regarding this nft game. Axie Infinity is one of the top leading nft games that has changed people’s life. This unique game came into the limelight in 2019. Based on research, Axie Infinity has over three million daily active users. This implies that, on average, three million people are playing this game daily. Then, I think you need some tips about the gameplay. Before I explain some facts about the gameplay, please note that all games have their own rules and regulations, which users are expected to know and run with. In this game, players will get AXS as their reward. Then, the AXS can be used in the platform governance. However, I said something earlier on investment. You can’t play this game without using your money to buy pets. As a matter of fact, you’ll need three pets to start playing this game. The pets are otherwise known as axies. So, after getting those pets, you have access to the game. You can get more information about Axie infinity at On their website, you have access to know the rules and regulations of the game.
NFT games that will change your life in 2022
  1. Gods Unchained: Gods Unchained is another game that can change your story. This is a card game. Several people have also benefited from playing this game. Here, you don’t need to purchase cards before you can participate. You’ll be given 140 free cards to play the game as a beginner. So, you must ensure that you’re earning more cards. Then, how can you earn more cards? The only way to get more cards in Gods Unchained is by winning player-versus-player games (PVP). Hence, all you need to do to earn more points is to ensure that your opponent’s life reduces first to zero. Also, let me chip in this that; you can gather enough cards by buying from other players. It is expedient to learn the use of those cards. Some cards allow players to summon creatures. On the other hand, some cards give health to others, and some are used to draw additional cards. The selling of cards can earn you some money. Visit for more details. 
  1. Sorare: The list of nft games that can transform people’s life will be incomplete without including Sorare. Sorare is a soccer game. Do you have a passion for football? Have you been engaging in football for years, and there’s nothing to show for it. Why can’t you invest your time and effort in playing this nft soccer game?  This unique game is a fantasy football card game that permits users to build or create lineups and form strategies. In this game, you can battle with other football managers every week. All you need to do is to use your card that represents footballers to play. Here, players’ points are based on life events and footballers’ performances in your deck. Remember, it’s a fantasy football. In Sorare, cards are sorted into four different levels. You’ll be rewarded with non-fungible token cards you can trade with other players. And you can also sell your nft in the open marketplace. What a fantastic game! Please make further enquires at


Dear reader, what else are you waiting for? You already have all that it takes to improve your financial status. Please, rise and do the needful.       

Nft games that can transform your life in 2022

Nft games that can transform your life in 2022

There’s no doubt that nft games are a possible way out of poverty. The gaming industry is also contributing massively to the development of the world at large. From what I’ve heard from people, nft games are moving at high speed to contribute to people’s well-being. Now, people can dive into the gaming world and find a solution to their problems. 

You can also benefit from playing these games. So, in this article, I’ll be talking about the meaning of nft games, how best nft games can transform your life, and the nft games you can play. However, there’s a role to play. Please shun all distractions right now and follow me precept upon precept. 

What are nft games?

The term “nft” means non-fungible tokens. So, nft games are video games one can play and earn nft. The nft reward can be swapped with other users or exchanged for money on the cryptocurrency marketplace. Of course, the non-fungible token given as a bonus from playing these video games can be converted to cash. That’s the attention-grabbing part. Having known the meaning of nft games, how does it work? Nft games conglomerates traditional gaming design and non-traditional gaming apparatuses centered on non-fungible tokens. These video games join non-fungible tokens in their rules and user interactions. Let me make it simpler a bit. The items one finds in-game may be non-fungible tokens that one can collect. Also, one can swap nfts with other players with the same currency. 

Nft games that can transform your life in 2022

More importantly, one can also find P2E nft games that permit players to earn an income by playing. I mentioned that earlier. In nft games, players are open to receiving tokens and can get more money as long as they play. Therefore, you’ll earn more cryptocurrency the more you play. Let me chip in this that; most of these games require an upfront investment. Before one can access some of these games, one must have some money to invest.

Benefits of playing nft games

There are benefits attached to playing nft games. I said earlier that the gaming world is not behind today. Game inventors strive earnestly to ensure they contribute to people’s well-being. Also, game inventors are working on how to make the game industry a safe place for people. So, now, one can be relieved and see solutions to one’s challenges by playing games. Isn’t that amazing? 

Okay, how can nft games transform your life? Here are the profits attached to playing nft games;

  1. Nft games solve depression: If you’re depressed and you’re looking for a way out, you need to engage yourself in playing some nft games like Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, and the Sandbox. You may be asking yourself, how can a game solve depression? It is normal for you to think in that direction. But let me start by informing you that nft games come with so much fun. And I hope you will agree that depression cannot survive when fun activities are active. If a depressed person engages in games that have so much fun, there’s a high tendency for the person’s story to change within a twinkle of an eye. 
  2. Nft games kick off poverty: This is the most exciting part. Nft games are available for people battling poverty. Some countries cannot stop appreciating what the gaming industry has done for their citizens. For instance, India is one of the countries that is battling poverty. But when the likes of Axie Infinity and other nft games were introduced to Indians in 2020, people had something different to fall on apart from white-collar jobs. Now, the non-fungible tokens gotten from playing some nft games like Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained can be converted to money. Also, the Nfts reward can be traded and used for exchanging gifts. 
  3. Nft games affect intellectual curiosity positively: Ideally, one of the benefits of playing video games is that it sharpens one’s brain. One will have to pay attention and consider the tactics to remain relevant in the game. So, the nft gaming world is not excluded from transforming people’s intellectual ability. You can’t play the likes of Sorare and Axie Infinity and remain the same. These games will sharpen your decision-making skills and knowledge to solve problems within a short time. 
Nft games that can transform your life in 2022

Nft games that will transform your life

  • Axie infinity: I have mentioned this video game several times in this article. If you want to run with what you’ve read here, please start your journey to the gaming world by playing Axie Infinity. This unique nft game is one of the biggest gaming platforms presently. No one can write the exact number of people that have benefited from playing this game. However, please remember that you’re going to spend some money to buy pets called axies before playing this game. You need to know how it works. I can give you full details about Axie Infinity here. You need to search further. Visit for more information. 
  • Gods Unchained: Do you want to prove me wrong? Do further research on Gods Unchained, and thank me later. I believe by the time you’re making it big via playing this game, you won’t think about proving me wrong. How can I explain the benefits of playing this unique nft game? Words cannot express how great this game is. Honestly, you need to check it out. You can visit for more info. 
  • Sorare: Sorare is a soccer game. Are you a football lover? Do you want to play a rewarding soccer game? Why can’t you try Sorare? This unique game has blessed countless lives in 2022. You can also join the league of people playing Sorare and earn something rewarding and tangible. Oh! Do you want to know more about this game? Then, click Sorare Video game and have direct access to all you need to know about it. 

Closing thought

Dear reader, you can also join the league of professional gamers worldwide. It may be difficult when you don’t have a piece of information about it. But now, with the above-listed information, your life should not remain the same. Play nft games today and enjoy life.    

NFT games and the metaverse

NFT games and the metaverse

The metaverse is a collectively envisioned concept for interconnected virtual environments powered by the convergence of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, video NFT games, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality/augmented reality that enable people to engage in meaningful social interactions in digital spaces. As Zuckerberg said, the metaverse will eventually replace today’s social media platforms with a more realistic interface that leverages virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology.

The metaverse is also seen in the NFT games model, where players may navigate a virtual environment using their in-game avatars and interact with other virtual inhabitants. The metaverse’s ultimate goal is to connect all online worlds, enabling users to navigate between them as if they were one.

Finally, the metaverse makes use of blockchain technology to allow user ownership of digital objects through NFTs and the establishment of a genuinely digital economy via DeFi.

NFT games and the metaverse

How Is the Metaverse Constructed?

The metaverse might be thought of as a sub-universe inside our own, which can be seen via early-stage platforms such as Decentraland, a blockchain-based digital world in which players can own virtual lands and other in-game assets using the native currency MANA. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are non-fungible cryptocurrency tokens that may be used to represent certain assets on a blockchain. NFT methods are included in all blockchain NFT games, including Axie Infinity, Cryptovoxels, and The Sandbox.

Currently, the early-stage metaverse is dominated by gaming and cryptocurrency, two technologies that, when combined, become real ‘game changers,’ moving us closer to the future vision. The days of profiteering being reserved for game creators are over, as a new generation of NFT games now allows users to completely control their gaming assets and earn as they play.

What are NFT games?

NFT games are early-stage metaverse platforms that include novel economic models that enable players to earn a consistent income while playing. These NFT games are often enabled by blockchain technology and provide gamers prizes and incentives depending on their platform activity or in-game accomplishments.

As users gain bitcoin via gaming activities, they may trade it for fiat cash or other assets on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Splinterlands is a trading card game that operates on the Hive blockchain and connects with numerous others. It is an excellent match for the NFT games concept. This trading card game, formerly named Steem Monsters, enables players to combat monsters in return for prizes. By combining two or more identical cards, players may level up their cards. The in-game currency, Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), may be gained through winning fights, selling cards, or engaging in other in-game activities.

NFT games and the metaverse

Splinterlands is a browser-based trading card game. Additionally, an Android app is available, with an iOS version seeking clearance. We’ll cover all you need to know to get started combating monsters and earning money in this tutorial. You’ll be prepared to advance through the ranks, level up your monsters, and collect prizes.

This Splinterlands NFT games guide is not investment advice, but may serve as ideas for how to maximize your gaming activities. We’re talking about NFT gamesfirst and foremost, and the value in these virtual economies derives from players having fun together. There is no community without players. Without community, there is no worth.

An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Gameplay

Warning: To begin playing the game’s play-to-earn mode, you must purchase a Summoner’s Book. That is a ten-dollar investment.

Splinterlands may seem to be similar to other trading card NFT games such as Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering at first sight. While they share certain similarities, there is one critical distinction: combat are fully automated.

To be very honest, when I initially began playing the game, I was disappointed by the automatic matches. As with previous comparable games, I anticipated issuing instructions during epic fights. However, as I gained more knowledge about the game, I developed an affinity for the automatic combat.

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What actually is play to earn games?

The gameplay is centered on preparing for war. You choose your Summoner, assemble your army, and watch as they battle for dominion. Once the war starts, you have no influence over the outcome and have no means of influencing it in any manner.

NFT games and the metaverse

The ten steps of a typical fight

  1. On the Battle page, the player clicks the “Battle” button with “Ranked” chosen.
  2. The game looks for you and locates an opponent.
  3. The player is informed of all pertinent information on the fight, including the amount of mana available, which Summoners are permitted, and any unique rules. These unique regulations are introduced at Bronze II, while you begin as Novice.
  4. The player advances to the next page, where they have two minutes to construct their deck.
  5. The first step is to choose a Summoner, since this will determine the sort of cards accessible throughout the combat.
  6. After then, the player chooses which cards to employ in combat. This is the core gameplay element: assembling a victorious squad within the constraints of the available mana and the game regulations.
  7. During this two-minute time restriction, the opponent is doing the same thing.
  8. Once both players are prepared, the combat begins.
  9. The user clicks “Rumble” and then watches the conflict take place automatically.
  10. The results are revealed, the winner is awarded DEC and rating points, and the player is returned to the home screen.

Each match has an effect on the player’s rating, with victories boosting it and defeats lowering it. Passing specified rating criteria will get the player entrance to the next league and award them with chests. Chests feature a variety of goodies, including potions, packs, and cards. The chests earned this way are opened at the conclusion of the season, which is indicated by a countdown on the Battle page.

NFT games and the metaverse

Additionally, chests may be obtained by performing daily missions. These missions differ but often require the completion of five NFT games using a certain element, for example, ‘five cards including fire’. Successful completion of a daily mission rewards the player with a readily accessible chest.

Other NFT games are available on the Battle page, but the essence of the game is competing against other players in rated battles.

Understanding the Playing Cards

You should be familiar with the many sorts of game cards in order to construct an effective deck that wins fights. Each card is classified as a summoner or a monster.

Summoner cards are entities that are primarily represented by certain elements, such as water or fire. The monster cards are the true combatants. Each Summoner bestows a bonus to monsters that is unique to that Summoner, which may include greater armor or magic power. Choosing which buff to use is a vital aspect of selecting the optimal Summoner for the match.

Top 4 NFT play to earn games

Top 4 NFT play to earn games

We’re all aware of the increasing popularity of popular NFT play to earn games, correct?

Anything that offers the opportunity of making money is always considered the “next great thing.” Likewise, this is true of the finest NFT play to earn games. Players are becoming nuts for these thrilling play to earn games, all the more so now that they provide enhanced profitability. Over time, elite players have recognized the benefits of early entry into the NFT gaming universe.

According to CryptoMinati Capital, “the primary reason why NFT play to earn games are so popular is their cheap entrance cost and subsequent magnitude of advantages.”

When NFTs and blockchain come together, a new and exciting age begins, with gamers assuming crucial roles. This is especially true in the gaming sector, where they may now earn significant incentives. The bulk of free NFT play to earn games guarantee a return on investment in the three digits (ROI).

We’ve produced a list of the top NFT play to earn games released this year in the guide below. This list includes several free-to-play NFT play to earn games, some pay-to-win NFT play to earn games, and a variety of other blockchain play to earn games.

Four Most Anticipated NFT Play to earn games:

1. Battle Of Guardians: The Ultimate NFT Combat Game

Battle of Guardian is the newest NFT play-to-earn game developed by a group of four-game enthusiasts with the goal of unraveling the many layers of Metaverse play to earn games. This is a PvP real-time multiplayer NFT game built on the Solana network. It was designed using the Unreal Engine. As the name indicates, it is a combat game in which players engage in virtual world conflicts across several realms. BOG is a fighting game in which players must overcome their adversary in order to receive prizes.

A science-fiction game with the potential for long-term development that is being created in accordance with the specifications of the fighting game Metaverse. It has excellent visuals and an interesting and pleasant gameplay experience. The game has unique NFTs and several options to create real-world income, which serve as the game’s and players’ assets.

At the moment, the worldwide market is about $ 300 billion. NFT revenues were anticipated to reach $ 5 billion in early 2021. With the burgeoning NFT gaming business, play to earn games have a bright future ahead of them.

2. Idle Cyber: The Best Game to Earn NFT

Idle Cyber is the ideal amalgamation of a post-apocalyptic and futuristic environment. In the game, mankind is compelled to construct massive walls as the first line of defense against cyborgs bent on annihilating all humans.

Your duty as a player is to command an elite group known as Cyber Defense. The squad is entirely composed of mutants with a variety of talents and weaponry. They’re in charge of assisting you in defending the wall against the cyborgs and big bosses in the game.

As exciting as all of this seems, there is more. The game has a variety of visually appealing characters. Each character, particularly the main ones, has a narrative and a distinct arsenal of weaponry, as detailed on the Idle Cyber website. You can read about What actually is played to earn games? by clicking here.

This game is completely accessible. You can also get it from the App Store or the Google Play Store. If you’re more of a PC/laptop gamer, you may play using the web app. It is all up to you.

Idle Cyber operates on a Play2Earn basis. This simply implies that you may make money in the real world by playing the game. It’s worth noting that this game is not yet completely accessible to players. However, it is imminent, and the developers want to build it on the Binance Smart Chain.

You may immediately board the train and begin defending the walls with your Cyber Defense crew as soon as the game is published. You may earn Idle Cyber tokens or NFT assets if you succeed. Whatever your gains are, you may resale them to eager customers at a profit. Finally, it’s worth noting that this is a role-playing game featuring a PvP aspect. Additionally, the game’s level count is infinite. In essence, you have an almost limitless opportunity to gain NFT assets and tokens that you can then market for cash.

3. Infinite Axie

Axie Infinity is regarded as one of the first Pokémon-style play to earn games. It is an Ethereum-based play-to-earn game. Axie Infinity established itself as a powerful challenger as the year 2021 approached. The credit for this success lies in Axie Infinity’s remarkable upgrades and its rapidly rising player base.

Axie Infinity just incorporated Ronin, a well-known scaling solution. It is the most dependable method of transaction since there are no costs. Players breed and accumulate Axies with the main objective of battling other players (NFT-based digital creatures). Each axie has its own genetic signature. The progeny will inherit all of the Axies’ strengths and weaknesses as a result of this continuous event. That seems intriguing, doesn’t it?

Additionally, you may trade the axis on any of the prominent Ethereum NFT exchanges. Their costs vary according to their characteristics and rarity. Before you begin, you must get at least three Axies. You will earn a Smooth Love Potion (SLP) as a reward for completing each mission, adventure mode, or player-versus-player (PVP) battle. This is effectively the platform’s ERC-20 utility money.

Axis Infinity Shard (AXS) is another native ERC20 token that functions as the platform’s government token. As such, it serves as the cornerstone for Axie Infinity’s staking service, as you must spend a certain quantity of these tokens to breed a new Axie.

4. MetaWars 

MetaWars is a future sci-fi game with a multiplayer component. This roleplaying game is entirely focused on space, and players may immerse themselves in one of the most realistic space expeditions available. Additionally, players may monetize and profit from the game’s military economy. It is made possible by a massive MetaWars galaxy that is continually altering and developing as a result of each participant’s combined efforts.

MetaWars has three facets. The first one is devoted entirely to Exploration. Following that is the Fleet Formation, which allows players to personalize their robots and fleet ships. Finally, but certainly not least, there is the Combat section. Additionally, there is an Acquire Terrain tool.

MetaWars enables players to collaborate in order to find new galaxies. They have the potential to transform those galaxies if they work together to fulfill a series of tasks. Additionally, players may gather limited edition robots while earning NFTs from numerous auctions.

Additionally, MetaWars enables participants to stake and conquer challenges. They get $WARS tokens as a consequence (the governance and in-game token). Gamers may bolster their armies with spectacular and one-of-a-kind customization possibilities. They are free to mix and match gadgets, modules, and weaponry. These selections boost their gaming character’s power and enable them to acquire special prizes.